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SSD Freaks was a news portal I ran between 2010 and 2012, back when SSDs were in their infancy. Prior to this portal, I previously wrote news on optical drives (CDs, DVDs, etc), media and related topics for CDFreaks. With optical media dying off and the former manager changing the name change to Myce, I decided to leave the site and have a go at running my own portal in a hope of recreating a similar experience with the SSD boom.

Unfortunately, despite writing news daily and announcing every SSD review I came across, a year later the average story got 10 views within 24 hours of posting. Basically, a rural community newsletter would get more readers than the number of visitors this site got in a typical day. For anyone wondering if I had too many ads/banners/pop-ups, the answer was zero! I fully paid for the hosting and continue to remain ad-free even on the blog here.

The only article that did well on SSD Freaks was a guide I posted on cloning a hard disk to SSD with the Windows 7 backup utility, which I moved to this blog. In fact, what I learned is that general blog writing attracts far more interest than writing stories about existing news or reviews, hence why I continue to write articles in my spare time, just not on SSDs. 😉

When the original founder DoMiN8ToR returned to Myce in 2012, I decided to return to the site and now look after any technical issues on their forum.  You’ll find me there, username Sean with a cockatiel avatar.

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Before taking the SSD Freaks offline, I looked at the past few months of activity.  For any story, article, etc. that got 5 or more views in a month, I copied it into a post on Myce.  I placed the two most popular guides on this blog, i.e. the first two in the list below.

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