The best way to ask me a question is to post a comment below the relevant article.  I automatically get an e-mail for every comment submitted and I will try to answer them if I can. The comment will appear below the article once I read it (if not spam) along with my reply if I can answer it.

For an inquiry that needs to be discussed in private, use the contact form below or send me a private message on Myce or on TestMy.  The trivia field below the subject line needs to be filled, which is there to reduce the amount of marketing / SEO spam I also get.

Update: I am very busy at present and probably will not be able to respond to any feedback or insert submitted comments until the start of May.  Be sure to read the comments below the articles as most of the questions people ask like what 4G antennas do I recommend for certain situations are answered in the comments.

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