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I help out on the following discussion forums during my spare time.

TestMy Forums (Sean) – Internet performance and troubleshooting – I’m a beta tester and moderator.  Ask questions about mobile data/broadband and antennas in the Mobiles section and you’ll likely get a reply from me, such as this. 🙂

Club Myce (Sean) – Their forum covers data storage such as recordable discs, USB drives, hard disks and solid state drives.  Other topics include backing up music and video content and their news section focuses on online privacy.  I’m one of the forum admin. (editorsean) – Ireland’s largest discussion forum.  I occasionally participate in the Bargain Alerts and Mobiles sections.

If you have a comment or question that doesn’t fit within any article, feel free to post it below.

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  1. Hi there

    Well done on the forum , it contains a lot of useful info
    I recently purchased a Tp link Mr 6400. It is a refurbished unit that came without any antennas. I have set it up in my attic as we only have ceiling insulation and no roof insulation. I attached a coax wire to one port as a form of make shoft aerial (not good I know). The router displays 3 to 4 bar of signal and a 4g symbol. If I install a “3” sim card I get up to 18 gb down and one mb up . With a go mo sim installed I get 14 mb down. My problem is that the down and up speeds constantly fluctuate. The problem is more sever with the go mo sim installed. I live in the countryside in Co Clare. Im wondering what outdoor aerial you recommend ? Many thanks

  2. Hi,

    I’ve set up a 4g antenna in the hope of boosting my 3 signal. Without the antenna, coverage is minimal to non-existent. I have managed to get anywhere from 1mb to 5mb download with the antenna/tp link router, however it’s so unreliable it’s basically unusable. The signal may hold for a few minutes then drop off again. I’m in a semi rural part of Donegal, the house is surrounded by trees and hills, but other networks seem to work fine in the location, getting around 10 mb download with excellent 4g coverage. Roughly 30 metres or so from the house I can also get about 10 mb download on 3 with my phone, I’ve been advised this is too far to run cable for the antenna though.

    Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Unfortunately the TP-Link routers don’t give RSRQ or SINR read-outs, which makes it difficult to tell whether the issue is just a weak signal or if you are picking up interference. If the antenna is omni-directional, you may get better performance with a sensitive pair of LOG directional antennas, such as these. The main issue with Three in some areas in Co. Donegal is their placement of some of their 800MHz sites (Barnesmore and Donegal bay coastal areas in particular), so if you currently have an omni-directional antenna, it’s likely you are picking up interference from multiple 800MHz sites.

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