One thought on “Android with Google IPv6 DNS”

  1. Hello,

    I realise this is an issue that you have helped with in 2017.

    I found this very useful article in 2019 when I was wondering why my Android phone with PIE can access the Bank Of Ireland app on WiFi at my parent’s home on the EIR network with the F2000 yet I cannot get the same app to work on my phone on my home WiFi network.

    My ISP doesn’t support IPV6. Even disabling IPV6 on the router makes no difference for my phone model!

    Other android phones on my home network can use this (and other android apps)that my phone can’t.

    These apps (including Bank of Ireland) work fine on LTE 3g/4G but not on my home WiFi.

    I was therefore surprised when it worked seamlessly on my parents EIR router and network.

    Is this ever going to be fixed?

    I phoned my ISP and they changed my static IP and changed UPv4 DNS on the router but that didn’t help…maybe I need an IPv4/IPv6 service

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