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skippy_2For five years up until the end of 2008, I have been writing news daily on CD Freaks and from mid 2005 onwards, I have been carrying out product reviews.  All my work between reviewing, blog writing, helping out and hobbies is conducted voluntarily, i.e. absolutely no income.  Instead, it is a great way of making real friends over the years, many which I also keep in touch outside of the websites and several I actually met in person.  This blog is even ad-free, but then again, it costs very little to run.

CD Freaks has since been renamed to Myce, which is where you will find me, where I publish articles, carry out technical support on their forum and participate with the staff on their discussion forum.  Like me, their staff all voluntarily contribute to Myce, including writing reviews, news and looking after the forum.  The only paid staff member is the founder Jan Willem.

I’m not in any relationship, so what better way to use my spare time than sit in front of a TV all evening or endlessly on Facebook.  In fact, I watch very little TV as a result, but do keep fit with regular exercise, including maintaining three large fish tanks at home.  The water changes include watering the garden plants/vegetables with the used water (excellent fertiliser) and transferring ~200 litres of water from an outdoor water butt by watering can. 🐠 🐟 🐸

I don’t have a Facebook, Linked-in or Twitter account, so if there’s a Seán Byrne on any of these three, it ain’t me!  The closest I get to tweeting is bird watching and have plenty of bird feeders around the house.  The birds on this blog were a few chaffinches that spotted me as I photographed and indeed look rather confused.  😄🐦

My main job is working for a barbecue company, such as maintaining their website and various content editing.  Despite this website name, I do not write for any newspaper.  I nicknamed myself this since I’m often involved in content editing, such as a proofreading content, manually converting document content at work, editing articles and news as a hobby and so on.  I also like “Edit” buttons, not that I go out of my way to deliberately edit stuff! 😉

In case you’re wondering about the squirrel, I’ve been using it as my forum avatar as far back as I can recall, likely since 2003.  It was a character called Skippy on the TV show The Animaniacs, which I use to watch regularly (some info here).  While I like the squirrel, my top favourite show was actually Garfield & Friends, especially in the 1990’s when it use to air regularly on TV in Ireland.  On Boards.ie, I use the Hobbes avatar (from their forum’s limited choice for non-paying members).

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Very helpful article on stoves…….thanks a mill. Just got an insert Oisín this year and am trying out various combinations and permutations. Delighted to hear about the sulphur content, had no idea of consequences. Will be on the lookout for the lower % one for sure.
    Will be checking your updates!
    Liz Walsh

  2. Dear Sean, I found your article on electric heaters very useful indeed. Just as we head into Autumn, I’ve found my central heating thermostat has failed so was seeking an economical and relatively cheap-to-buy temporary solution. Having read your article, I purchased a 500W/1kW ‘carbon heater’ from Argos (identical , in fact, to the picture you show). I’ve only tried it this evening but I am delighted with the fact that it concentrates its heat very effectively on me (!) and, from your information, should be even cheaper to run than a 1kW halogen model. Many thanks for your invaluable help once more, and best wishes with your hobbies!

  3. Thanks so much, Seán, either you inhabit a world where the generosity and good spirits are the norm, or I’m inhabiting a less kind world! Míle buíochas dhuit, and I’ll be lookin’ out for ways to further express my appreciation!

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