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I write articles and participate on discussion forums to pass the time.  Generally anything data storage related I write about goes on Myce.  Everything else I write about usually ends up here.  If you have a comment or question, just post it in the comment field below the relevant article.

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Product reviews

Senseo pad brewedThese are all purchased products, so the manufacturer has no influence on what I write. 😉

How to guides

Samsung 40W size comparisonIf I had trouble finding information on something or figured out a easier way than what I came across elsewhere, I write about it here.

Wireless 3G/4G broadband

LTE panel antennaA potential alternative to slow DSL and fixed wireless connections or a cheaper alternative to a broadband contract, e.g. Holiday home.  I regularly update the ‘Largest 4G plans’ article.

Further articles on my forum.

Mobile handset data

Network signal infoMy experience, including various tips and quirks with using the major Irish mobile networks, Three and Meteor.  Note that Meteor is rebranding to Eir.

Indoor climate control

Thermometer with humidity readingVarious ways of heating and cooling a room and controlling humidity.  This includes unusual ideas such as whether a desiccant dehumidifier can replace a heater. My blog originally started off with the article on keeping cool.  Back then I found countless sponsored articles basically trying to sell products.


Inconsistent speed testsDiagnostics and tools such as measuring latency and real world throughput.

Miscellaneous / Archive